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We are constantly developing improvements to maximize your gaming experience on the Destan server.

Diamonds farm
Travelling Merchant
pvp championship
Exclusive Phirius Workshops

Additional positive aspects

  • 64Bit Ultra Stable Crash-Free Client
  • 7/24 Support
  • Worldwide Moderator System
  • Weekly Gifts
  • Unique Events

  • VIP Membership System
  • Fly/Model etc. Disabled
  • Balanced Original Content
  • Stable Low Ping & High Performance
  • Play to Win

Adventures are more enjoyable now

Enjoy Taborea with renewed and constantly updated content

Collect Rewards

Defeat surrounding bosses and Dungeons and earn rewards


Don't forget to check your mailbox every now and then, it might be full of gifts.


Are you tired of running from adventure to adventure, join the festivities!


Competition heats up with the renewed PvP system


Run to victory with your team in challenging dungeons

Server Information

In-game information for the Destan server

Destan Chapter: III The Elder Kingdoms
Maximum character level
More experience during your adventures
Worldwide adventurers and localization
Progress easily with starter gifts and Diamonds
Comprehensive support system

About Us

We are an experienced staff in mobile games and software for years

We have been adding joy and excitement to the game since 2021

We always focus on the best in our projects, we continue to grow with the support of adventurers

Taborea is promising with the exclusive contents we have developed

It is important to us that adventurers enjoy the game and we always offer generous gifts

Runes, Spells, Mushrooms everything is ready to start the adventure